Multiplier Workshops 2 | Hungary

Apr, 2018 | Events

InHungary, we organized the second session of the multiplier event on 25 October 2017. We were invited by one of Pedagogical Institutes of the National Educational Office. A series of lectures and training events were organized by the National Educational Office throughout the country in autumn. We were invited to Szolnok to talk about our literacy projects focusing on teacher training. 18 teachers took part in the event where we introduced BleTeach and the national version of the IDEAL course.

In the workshop the programme was the following.

25 October, 2017
13.30 – 14.00: Arrival, registration

14.00 – 14.30: Introduction of BleTeach project (Dr. Ildikó Szabó, Dr. Veronika Szinger). Introduction of the concepts, content of national version of IDEAL course.

14.30 – 16.00: Appetizer of the national course; working in two groups.

In the introductory phase we introduced the main concepts of BleTeach project with a PPT presentation, talked about the structure of the work within the project; we also referred to BaCuLit as it was the forerunning project of BleTeach. Then we divided the participants in 2 groups.
During the workshops, we introduced some exercises form the HU version of the IDEAL course and we completed them with the participants. In both groups we focused on the reading strategies module, did the exercises from that module. We also introduced the vocabulary module and used one exercise from that module, too. We provided handouts for the participants and they could work with each other.
The feedback collected was mainly referring to the content of the workshop. Most of the participants found this afternoon useful and interesting, and found the course interesting.
As it can be taken from our participants’ comments, the duration and the cost of a course is one of the most crucial elements and its accreditation is decisive for their participation.

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