Multiplier Workshops | Germany

Oct, 2016 | Events

Our multiplier workshops aim to inform our partners from regional and national teacher training institutions about current results,  report about good practice in blended learning and  ask for their feedback on drafted concepts and materials of the planned BL-course. Till now, we have had our first series of multiplier events in all participating countries, which gave us fruitful results and recommendations about the development of our Blended Learning courses.


Every week, we will introduce you to some new ideas, concepts and suggestions coming from our participants in all five countries. We will start with Germany!

In Germany, we had the possibility to organize two sessions, one in Hannover and one in Mainz, gathering experts from ten federal states, part of whom are already qualified BaCuLit trainers. During our workshops, we introduced our participants to the first draft of our Blended Learning course; more specifically, we exchanged opinions about the correct blend, the length of the course and size of the respective learning groups.

Two of the most interesting recommendations were to keep our course’s duration to the shortest possible (6 to 12 months) and to build strong feedback communities both for the trainers and the learners.
How do you find the aforementioned recommendations? Do you happen to have expertise in Blended Learning courses? Then write us and give us your suggestions!