Multiplier Workshops | Romania

May, 2017 | Events

InRomania, we have organized the first session of the multiplier event on 29-30 September 2016. Fifteen BaCuLit trainers and university teachers involved in the pre-/ in-service teacher training participated in the 2-day workshop.



During the workshop, we shared the first two intellectual outputs we elaborated within the BleTeach project: the National Report on Good Practice Examples and Blended Learning Concepts and the Pool of Concepts and Course Materials in Romanian about Content Area Literacy Training for Secondary Teachers. We, also, shared and discussed the first draft of the concept of the RO version of the IDEAL Improving Disciplinary LEArning through Literacy course.

The feedback collected was mainly referring to the structure of the IDEAL course – the modules and their duration, and online training activities.
As it can be taken from our participants’ comments, the duration of a course is one of the most crucial elements and decisive for their participation.

How do you find the aforementioned recommendations? Do you happen to have expertise in Blended Learning courses? Then write us and give us your suggestions!