Success Factors in Blended Learning

May 4, 2017 | News

Nowadays, Blended Learning can be found in many forms, patters and designs, which mainly depend on the characteristics and needs of the community of users. Hence, creating a coherent definition and basic success factors about the use of Blended Learning has often been bewildering for academia.

For this reason, we have been in the process of creating a Handbook of Success Factors in Blended Learning Practices (in teachers’ CPD), which aims to provide basic pedagogical and technical guidelines and prerequisites in developing a BL course.
What does ‘blending’ mean, what can be blended and which is the correct blend are some of the questions addressed in this handbook, discussed both based on international research and on our own studies.

Are you in need of such a handbook for your own research or your BL course? Τhen, write us and tell us which questions are puzzling you and should be included in this study.



Stay tuned!

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