BleTeach Summer School in Liège

Jul, 2017 | Events

Last week, all our partners met at Liège University to thoroughly discuss the progress our master blended learning course has made, but also the development of all 5 national courses.



During this week, we had the possibility to enrich our knowledge in blended learning designs, tools, methodologies as well as the production of learning materials and platforms. We focused on clarifying all open questions we had, in order to produce a homogeneous and functional blended learning course which will meet the requirements and desires of both teachers and students.

One of our first concerns was to make the best use of our resources and, at the same time, create something modern and up-to-date. In order to do so, we have produced a variety of tools which help us better organise the development of the course.

Here, you can find our ‘Planification Chart’, which is one of our basic organisational tools and can help you establish some basic guidelines when planning a blended learning course.

More tools and recommendations from our team will follow!

Stay tuned!