Multiplier Workshops 2 | Romania

Mar, 2018 | Events

InRomania, we have organized the second session of the multiplier event on the 10th February 2018.

22 teachers, teacher educators, decision-makers in teacher education – including representatives of Teacher Training Houses (TTH) from 5 counties: Cluj, Bistrita-Nasaud, Sibiu, Maramures and Caras-Severin – and representatives of educational NGOs took part in this second multiplier event organised by Asociatia Lectura si Scrierea pentru Dezvoltarea Gandirii Critice Romania to disseminate the outputs of the BleTeach project.

The meeting started with the presentation of the project and its outputs, and then focused on the detailed presentation of the 89-hour blended learning course for secondary school teachers entitled Literacy and Critical Thinking for Learning , the Romanian version of the IDEAL course (Improving Disciplinary LEArning through Literacy) developed by the BleTeach partnership.

The hosts provided a detailed description of the course, and consulted the participants on important aspects of its accreditation bearing in mind the Romanian regulations in the field:

  • What locations should be targeted as a priority?
  • How to handle extension of the locations where the course would be of interest to teachers?
  • Which TTHs would be interested in partnering with the host to facilitate the delivery of the course to teachers in their counties?
  • What qualifications the trainers interested in joining the training team need?

The participants provided valuable suggestions, as well as an assessment of the usefulness of the information accessed in the meeting.

How do you find the aforementioned recommendations? Do you happen to have expertise in Blended Learning courses? Then write us and give us your suggestions!